First Baptist ChurchWichita Falls, TX

A Message from our Pastor

April was a month filled with opportunities to share the gospel and events that renewed our church.  It all began with Good Friday and Easter.  Then our ladies experienced “Hope Now” and our men were part of the “Beast Feast.”  In addition, Oneighty, our Student Ministry, had a powerful evangelistic event—“Spring Thing.”

The reason I recap the month is simple.  It takes months of planning, prayer, and work for these kinds of events to take place.  Our ministry pastors and leaders do a great job and they serve well.

But none of those events are effective, or even take place, without an army of committed volunteers.  In a large church, there is no way that we could pay enough people to do all the ministry that gets done.  The ministries of our church are effective because people like you give their time, energy, and talent to the cause of Christ. 

Volunteers not only make a difference at major events, but our church could not function without a massive group of committed, faithful volunteers every single Sunday.  Many of them serve where no one applauds—the nursery, the kitchen, the administrative office—but the value of their commitment is felt week after week.

When you see someone serving well, thank them and encourage them.  This Sunday, I continue the “Meeting Jesus—It Could  Change Everything” series.  And you do not want to miss another dramatic testimony of God’s grace.