First Baptist ChurchWichita Falls, TX

A Message from our Pastor

“Thank you!”

Those two words echoed throughout the amazing weekend our church spent with Nick Vujicic.

We heard “thank you” from people associated with the WFISD after Nick spoke to students about bullying and self-esteem. His presentation gave them encouragement to ask for help when they face the difficulties of their teen years.

It was a tender “thank you” we received from the staff and the students at Straight Street. They never expected to have someone of his renown appear at their ministry. He shared the hope of Christ with the youth there in a powerful, effective way.

A number of people throughout our city expressed their “thanks” to our church for bringing Nick to the Falls. From many at Kay Yeager that Sunday morning, where they literally had to bring in chairs for the over 7,000 in attendance, to comments left on our Facebook page, people appreciated the way our church provided this event free to the city we love.

There were hundreds of decisions made throughout the weekend – some stood to their feet as they committed to do their part to end bullying in their schools, others rededicated their lives to a relationship with Him and others accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

There was another decision about which I am so thankful, and proud – the decision made by the people of our church to go out beyond our walls, and our comfort zone, to reach people with the Good News of Jesus! Thank you to everyone who gave, prayed and worked to make this a truly amazing weekend!