First Baptist ChurchWichita Falls, TX

Life Groups

We offer something for every age every Sunday here at the Church at Sheppard.

L.I.F.E. Groups Sunday Mornings @ 9:30 am & 11 am

Sunday morning L.I.F.E. Groups are the best way for you to build community with other people and connect to the Church. It makes it possible for us to flesh out the biblical duty of the Church by fellowshipping with other believers in a smaller group. These classes involve biblical teaching and discussion, involvement in community with others, fellowship inside and outside the church building and outreach opportunities. Come to a class this Sunday - we look forward to meeting you!

We have LIFE Groups for all ages:

Babies to kindergarteners get truth taught from a loving ministry worker in their specific environment with other children their same age. (2).jpg
1st through 5th graders enjoy impactful fun teaching upstairs in our education wing with motivated leaders that want to see our children develop in their faith and knowledge about Christ. Upstairs of the Ed. Building @ 11 am following Treehouse Worship

Vertical is our student ministry group for 6th to 12th grade youth led by Jesse Brazil, our Campus Student Minister. Students our encouraged to take part in daily devotionals and on Sunday's apply biblical truth to their lives. Room 201 @ 9:30 am

For adults we provide a class for every stage of life, age group, and learning environment.

Our Young Adult LIFE groups vary in personality and group style. Wether you are single, married with kids or you consider your pets as your dependents, we want you to find a group that works for you. We understand it is important to have things in common with those you want to be in community with. Go to our LIFE Group welcome kiosk in front of the Education Building entrance to get information.
  • Young Adults Room 204 @ 9:30 am
  • Young Adults Room 202 @ 11 am
  • Young Adults Room 204 @ 11 am
  • Young Adults Room 202 @ 9:30

We offer a Median Adult class for those who are above 45 with older children to empty nesters. Come and Explore the Bible with this group each and every week and get plugged in to many outreach events.
  • Room 102 @ 9:30
Downstairs resides our Legacy Adult group. Many if not most of our Legacy Adults are retired but continue to be very active in the different ministries of CAS.
  • Room 102 @ 11 am

To get plugged in to a LIFE group in a home that meets throughout the week, contact us at 940-723-2764 ext 2371