First Baptist ChurchWichita Falls, TX

A Message from our Pastor

We are living in the midst of a moral revolution.  What was once seen as “unthinkable” in our culture has become commonplace.  Formerly, sin was shunned and now it is openly celebrated.  As a pastor and a parent, I am asking myself how do I plant the truth of God’s Word in the next generation?

As a church, we desire to partner with parents in establishing the moral and spiritual foundation of your child.  The views of our culture shift and change, but God’s Word never changes.  God has given us His truth.  As parents, we are responsible for the training of our children.

That is why our summer programs are very important.  Our Children’s ministry has a full array of programs. Vacation Bible School, Camp, Kinder, Day and Upward Sports Camp are all part of this year’s lineup of activities.  

Our Student ministry camps are great opportunities for your junior high or senior high student to be strengthened in their faith.  For a week, they will be immersed in Bible study and fellowship with other believers.  They will receive excellent teaching and worship.    

I also want to challenge parents to be in church during the summer.  I realize that you will take a few weekends away during the summer.  I would even say you should do so.  However when you are in town, make sure that being involved in LIFE group and worship is a priority for your family.  Our children learn as much by what we do as by what we say.