First Baptist ChurchWichita Falls, TX

A Message from our Pastor

We are still in the middle of our camp season at First Baptist Church. In June, God moved in the lives of our High School students at Beach Week and Student Leadership University 101. This week our Children grades 3-5 are at Student Life Camp for Kids. Our Junior High Students are at Creek Week. In addition, another group of High School students are at Student Leadership University 201 in Washington, D.C. Our summer camps make a huge impact on our students. Please continue to pray for God to move in the lives of the students who are away this week.


Construction continues on the renovation of the building to house our West Campus. Thank you for your faithfulness to give to the West Campus offering. We are over 80% of the way to our goal. Because of your generosity we are going to be able to complete and furnish the West campus without incurring any further indebtedness. The West campus is meeting at Rider High School for the summer but they are anticipating great things this fall in their permanent location.


I realize that we are in the heart of vacation season but let me ask you to be faithful to your church and to the Lord. When you are not out of town, make a commitment that you and your family will be in LIFE group and worship. The question is never “Who is preaching this Sunday?” The right question is “What is God going to say to me today?” regardless of who is in the pulpit. And please be faithful in your stewardship. Camps, renovation projects, and even our regular budget needs make your generous, faithful giving so important to our church. And finally, be faithful in your prayer life. I ask you to pray for me as I work toward my fall series of messages. Pray for our staff as they come through a busy summer and look toward the fall as well.

East Sanctuary