First Baptist ChurchWichita Falls, TX

A Message from our Pastor

After eight weeks, we are coming to the conclusion of “The Stand.” 
For eight weeks we have used sermons, LIFE group discussion, family devotionals and personal scripture memory to drive home one point.  I hope that you have experienced a push toward personal spiritual growth over these past few weeks.

One of the most widely utilized tools from “The Stand”is the family devotional.  We have heard numerous reports from parents and from students who are telling us for the first time their family is studying the Bible together.  Intentional, spiritual conversations with your family is one of the most needed, yet lacking, aspects of the modern Christian home. 

Because of the need and the desire, we are going to continue to develop family devotionals with the next series of messages as well.  We want to put tools in your hands that will help you to have those spiritual conversations with your children.  If you haven’t been as faithful to the family devotional time as you would have liked to be, here is your opportunity to step back into spiritual leadership in your home.

Remember that the Bible refers to the word of God as “good seed.”  Good seed needs to be planted, nurtured, and watered.  But good seed always produces fruit.  Family devotionals may not lead to immediate revival, but ultimately they produce spiritual fruit in the life of your child.