First Baptist ChurchWichita Falls, TX

A Message from our Pastor

Over 3,000 in LIFE groups on all our campuses! RECORD BREAKING attendance is an amazing way to begin this fall. More people were in LIFE groups this past Sunday than any day in our history. Our LIFE group Ministry staff did a great job of leading the charge. Department Directors in every division and on every campus worked hard to see the biggest crowds we have ever had in LIFE groups.

Portico, our college ministry, also had a great day. MSU Day was a huge success. The MSU football, men’s soccer, women’s soccer and volleyball teams all joined us for the 11:00 service and lunch. We also had a lot of new students who came for the first time. The seed of the gospel was planted in the lives of these students. Let me ask you to pray that it takes root and produces fruit.

We are also making progress toward our West campus having a permanent home. The facility, located on Barnett Road near the intersection with Kell, is nearing completion. We are planning a grand opening on Sunday, September 11. On their final Sunday at Rider High School there were 187 people in attendance. That is record attendance for our West campus.

God is doing great things in our church there are bright days ahead. Of course, we have an adversary who will try to derail and distract. Let me encourage you to attend, pray, and seek the Lord in these exciting days.