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Home is our refuge, our sanctuary, the place where precious time is spent with family and friends. Sally Clarkson says, “Godly women shape their homes into sanctuaries where the love of God, the comfort of Jesus, the celebration of joy sings through the very oxygen of the cracks and corners … and brings just what each one needs as they enter there.” A different furniture arrangement, a new wall color, fresh linens, favorite family photos, or perhaps a new accessory or two can help make your home a more comfortable and inspiring place for your family to relax and recharge. Perhaps the time is right to try some new recipes and invite friends over for some gracious hospitality. Check out one of these lovely books that celebrate home life. The reviews that follow are taken from the publishers’ book jackets.

The Gentle Art of Domesticity Gental Art of Domesticity.jpg

The Gentle Art of Domesticity: Stitching, Baking, Nature, Art & the Comforts of Home by Jane Brocket. This beautiful and unusual book celebrates everything that is wonderful about home life. Whether Jane is knitting, baking, gardening, painting, or sewing, she fills her home with beauty, color and fun. She transforms daily domestic tasks into delightful possibilities for imagination and enjoyment. You’ll be inspired to value the ordinary skills of homemaking and appreciate all the simple pleasures of home.

The Perfectly Imperfect Home Perfectly Imperfect Home.jpg

The Perfectly Imperfect Home: How to Decorate & Live Well by Deborah Needleman. Deborah believes it’s not hard to create a relaxed, stylish, and comfortable home. She says, “Style is a luxury and luxury is simply what makes you happy.” Just a few well-considered items can completely change the feel of your space and The Perfectly Imperfect Home reveals them all. Celebrated artist Virginia Johnson’s original watercolor illustrations bring the inspiring rooms of world-famous tastemakers to vibrant life and make this book a treasure to peruse.

Better Homes and Gardens New Decorating Book Homes and Gardens.jpg

Better Homes & Gardens New Decorating Book edited by Gayle Goodson Butler. Learn how to decorate for real life. Hundreds of photos and thousands of stylish ideas provide the inspiration needed to create a home filled with rooms you love. Whether you’re refreshing a single space or redoing the whole house you’ll have everything you need in these pages. The path to a comfortable, inviting and well-organized home begins here!

Living Spaces Spaces by Marlee Ledai.jpg

Living Spaces: Bring Style and Spirit to Your Home
by Marlee Ledai. In a culture crazy for transforming spaces, Marlee explores what turns nooks and crannies, colors and furniture into the heart’s true dwelling place. A home, you’ll discover, is where paint peels and china is chipped, but also were summits are celebrated, losses are healed, and love is forged for all time. With warmth and wisdom, Marlee invites you to recognize the beauty of your home just as it is – or as you want it to be – because you and God have taken up residence there.

The Pioneer Woman Cooks Pioneer Woman Cooks.jpg

The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food from My Frontier
by Ree Drummond. A mouthwatering collection of simple-but-scrumptious recipes that are guaranteed to make your kids, sweetheart, dinner guests, in-laws, friends, cousins, or resident cowboys smile, sigh, and beg for seconds from Ree Drummond, writer, photographer, rancher’s wife, mother of four and accidental country girl. Step–by–step instructions are illustrated with beautiful photographs, making these mouth-watering recipes easy to follow.

Georgia Cooking in an Oklahoma Kitchen Cooking.jpg

Georgia Cooking in an Oklahoma Kitchen: Recipes from My Family to Yours by Trisha Yearwood. Throughout her life, Trisha has always enjoyed feeding those she loves. She believes a recipe always tastes better when it has a memory attached to it. She teams up with her mother and sister to share their family’s best-loved Southern recipes and charming personal anecdotes along with time-saving tips. This is the kind of classic comfort food you’ll want at the heart of your own family’s mealtime memories.

Simple Hospitality Hospitality by Jane Jarrell.jpg

Simple Hospitality by Jane Jarrell. Whether you’re a full time homemaker or not, Jane challenges you to open your heart and let God use your right where you are with the resources He has given you. If you think you might have missed out on the hospitality “gift” or if you’re desperately deficient in time, ideas, or expertise, this book will meet you where you are. Jane reveals the differences between entertaining and hospitality and gives you a toolbox of resources – practical ideas, real life stories, and creative solutions that can make all your efforts more effective and simple.

The Reluctant Entertainer Reluctant Entertainer.jpg

The Reluctant Entertainer: Every Woman’s Guide to Simple and Gracious Hospitality by Sandy Coughlin. True hospitality is not about being perfect, cooking a fancy meal, or spending a lot of money. It’s about an open door and an open heart. Sandy offers a simple but savvy approach to help women break free of the anxieties that keep them from opening their homes. Emphasizing the forgotten goal of entertaining – connecting deeply with others – she shows how women can use the gifts and talents God gave them to reach out in love.

The Hidden Art of Homemaking Hidden Art of Homemaking.jpg

The Hidden Art of Homemaking: Creative Ideas for Enriching Everyday Life by Edith Schaeffer. “I would define ‘hidden art’ as the art found in the ordinary areas of everyday life. Each person has, I believe, some talent which is unfulfilled in some hidden area of his being - a talent which could be expressed and developed.” This is how Edith Schaeffer defines her theme in this fascinating and unusual book. The Hidden Art of Homemaking will appeal immediately to anyone who believes that the place in which we live needs to be a center of meaningful living and personal enrichment.