First Baptist ChurchWichita Falls, TX

Contacts for Children

Sherrie Carter
Director of Children’s Ministries
940.723.2764 ext. 2056
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Denise Roberts
Director of Preschool Ministries
940.723.2764 ext. 2057
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Deidra Thompson
Preschool & Children Director - Church at Sheppard
940.723.2764 ext. 2375
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Tammy Trembley
Assistant Director & Upward Sports Director
940.723.2764, ext 2065
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Sarah Cates
WEE School Director/Preschool ChildCareCoordinator
940.723.2764 ext. 2074
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Samantha Carmichael
Children's Admin. Assistant/Awana Coordinator
940.723.2764 ext 2061
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Stacy Jones
Preschool Administrative Assistant
940.723.2764, ext 2067
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Sarah Phillips
Resource Coordinator/Children's Intern
940.723.2764 ext. 2068
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Ronda Haynes
Resource Coordinator
940.723.2764 ext. 2076
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Julie Allen
Assistant Preschool Child Care Coordinator
940.723.2764, ext 2062
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Kimberly Moss
Awana Coordinator
940.723.2764 ext. 2078
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